Built to deliver on all the Xtra demands of your family

28-liter Family Size Boot Space
and Spacious Legroom

Ergonomically Designed
Comfortable Seating

Disc Brake Integrated with
Combi Braking System Technology,
Saree Guard, Side Stand Indicator.

Disc Brake Integrated with
Combi Braking System Technology,
Saree Guard, Side Stand Indicator.

High-grade Rear Shocker

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question & Answer
Eblu Feo X comes with an assurance of a 5-year long warranty or 50,000Kms whichever is earlier.
The top speed of Eblu Feo X is 60km/hr.
Yes, it has 3 different riding modes (Eco, Normal, Power) +Reverse mode for ease in parking.
No, it does not come with a removable battery.
It comes with a sturdy LMFP cylindrical/59.2V/40Ah floor-mounted battery type.
The Combi braking system is a futuristic braking system which links front and rear brakes when the rider’s action of depressing one of the brake levers applies to both, making the e-scooter stop at the right time without any hassle and tyre slip.
Yes, Eblu Feo X comes with stylish tubeless alloy wheels at the front and the rear.
Yes, the e-scooter comes with a multi-colour smart display which shows phone call notifications and warns you with a side stand indicator.
Eblu Feo X covers a whopping distance of 110km/charge in 1st ride mode.
Eblu Feo X is built according to Indian road conditions, it comes with 170mm high ground clearance.
Eblu Feo X takes 5 hours to get completely charged.
Yes, there are different finance options available for buying the Eblu Feo X. For assistance call us at 0771-4082702 or visit us at your nearest Eblu showroom.
Yes, Eblu Feo X has legroom spacious enough to even carry a gas cylinder.
Eblu Feo X comes with a D + pillion seating capacity.
Question & Answer
Eblu Feo X comes in 5 vibrant shades, Traffic white, Telegrey, Wine red, Pantone blue, and Jet black.
We value the time of our valuable customers; therefore, we don’t keep them waiting. You may receive your vehicle within 2 days after the paperwork and registration.
No, there aren’t any additional charges for a specific shade in Eblu Feo X.
You can easily calculate your down payment and EMI on the EMI calculator on our website.
Eblu Feo X is extra on features but light on your pocket because it runs at a running cost of less than 50 paise/km.
Yes, we have in-house service stations where we take the best care of your e-scooter after sale.
You can easily locate our service stations through our service locator on the website. Our service stations are present across India.
Yes, Eblu Feo X comes with LED high-resolution headlights (AHO).
Eblu Feo X comes with extra space, extra comfort, extra safety, and extra stability.
Eblu Feo X has exclusive features such as family-size boot space, ergonomically designed comfortable seating, disc brake integrated with combi braking system technology, and a high-grade rear shocker.
We always stand with the needs of your family and that’s why we have introduced a 28-liter “Family-size boot space” in Eblu Feo X to cater to all your handling hassles.
Extra safety features in Eblu Feo X include a Disc brake integrated with Combi Braking System Technology, a Saree guard, and a Side stand indicator to ensure the complete safety of your family
Yes, Eblu Feo X have a regenerative braking system
A regenerative braking system allows the e-scooter to recharge its battery while it is being used, which is an excellent way to save energy and extend the range of your vehicle.